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Episode 3: Prostate Cancer and Dating

Dating Diaries: Quarantine Confessions follows the stories of people swiping on dating apps and maintaining long-distance relationships from their homes. Do you miss sex? So begins the trailer for Dating Diaries: Quarantine Confessions , a new weekly podcast launching Wednesday that explores the complexities of dating during the ongoing coronavirus COVID pandemic with hosts Andrea Gunning, 33, and Ben Fetterman, In Episode One, listeners meet Lauren, a year-old project manager looking for a relationship while practicing social distancing at her apartment in New York City.

However, Lauren notes that virtual dating takes certain pressure and expectations off the table, like dressing up for a night out or worrying about who will pay the bill.

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Let’s talk about international dating sites. Foreign dating is one of these topics that are hard to address. You’ve been conditioned to believe that foreign women are scammers who want your money and that the online dating sites where you can meet them are all scams. Well, I met my ex-girlfriend and the girl I talked about in the last episode on an international dating site.

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The lockdown’s effect on dating and relationships – Alone Together podcast

I’ve personally taken an interest in sex and relationship podcasts where other people vent about their problems and murky relationship status, while I can just sit back, breathe, and not be completely consumed by my own dating life. That said, for those of you looking for tangible ways to improve your relationship and dating lives, there are also some options out there that offer up advice and service too. At the very least, they might aid you in your “Halppp, I’m quarantined with my boyfriend and want to rip his head off ” qualms.

So regardless of whether or not you’re just looking for a laugh or want free therapy-esque advice, give these 10 relationship podcasts a listen. Trust, these bbs are fan-favorites for a reason. What does commitment actually mean in a world of ‘U up?

Trying to Feel Love-Worthy (While Working for a Dating App) sound, working in customer service for a dating app tends to be repetitive and mundane. Modern Love is a weekly column, a book, a podcast — and now, in its.

Hosted by Jane Marie from This American Life, this chatty, humorous podcast helps you navigate the world of dating and relationships in the digital age. Listen out for her name-check at the end. Subscribe here. We hung out with him in NYC and this guy sure knows his stuff. New podcasts are available every Thursday on iTunes. The Dating Advisory Board helps people to redefine their dating strategy by applying a business approach.

Their podcast features business executives and entrepreneurs offering tips on personal branding, marketing, networking and matchmaking. Some recent topics include perfecting your pitch in business and dating, how sales techniques can be used in dating, and how to build you as a brand. Ane Auret is a dating and relationship coach who offers advice, practical tools and support to help you overcome whatever obstacles are holding you back in dating.

Her Ready for Love podcast features conversations with thought leaders and experts on topics including how to have a killer dating profile , how to date with confidence and getting over your ex. Some recent podcasts include: qualities that will skyrocket your success with women and how to get over the girl who broke your heart. Dan Savage is an author, sex advice columnist, podcaster and public speaker.

His massively popular podcast started out as an advice column and now has over , listeners weekly.

Christian Relationship Podcast

The way we find love is changing. Shahidha Bari examines the shifting landscape of modern love and looks at the age-old question: what does Love Island tell us about love? For centuries we have met our other halves through family, friends, work, or religious institutions. But they have all now been outstripped: meeting online is now the most common way to meet.

Listen to Conscious Girlfriend Podcast episodes free, on demand. This podcast episode includes the introduction to our new dating site (yay!) plus a recording of​.

Podcasts are a great medium for learning new information, exposing yourself to other points of view, and expanding your thinking — and they’re not always just about the news. With the rapid growth of podcasts in recent years, the number of topics available include virtually anything you can think of. If you’re interested in all things love, sex, and dating and want to switch it up from your usual intake of articles, there are some fantastic podcasts about dating out there.

The cool thing about dating podcasts is that even just within the single category, there are several different types of podcasts you can listen to based on what you’re interested in. If you’re looking for advice on how to maneuver through any dating issues you may have, there are podcasts available that feature relationship experts who offer up great tips. If you want to listen to a podcast that will help you get through a breakup , there are some that talk about methods of healing.

Or, even if you just want to listen to dating problems other people are having , there are podcasts for that as well. Whatever you’re looking for is probably available, and this list of dating podcasts is here to narrow it down for you:.

Singles Open up About Love in the Time of Coronavirus in New Dating Podcast

Couples have been forced to make the choice to move in together or spend the lockdown apart, while those who are still looking for that special someone have had to get creative with Zoom calls or Facetime. The Alone Together podcast is back for a second series, and this episode explores the changes to dating and relationships over the past few extraordinary months.

According to a new report from Relate and eHarmony, over a third of couples 36 per cent agree that two months in isolation feels equivalent to two years of commitment. She advises: “Talk about the expectations you have, don’t make assumptions, communicate what you’re thinking and feeling, and ask the other person what they’re thinking and feeling. The lockdown has also seen more people try online dating with sign-ups to sites such as eHarmony, increasing by half.

Listen to Senior Dating Sites episodes free, on demand. Join pixiefinder one of the best online dating site in USA to meet single men and.

CNN How do people date 6 feet apart? Sanjay Gupta explores the ways in which people are finding new relationships, as well as overcoming loneliness and lack of physical touch during this pandemic. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. You can listen on your favorite podcast app or read the transcript below.

Elizabeth: I started online dating right back when this was all happening.

Go Behind the Scenes of a Sugar Daddy Dating Site

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(You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes, get the RSS feed, or listen be before men would stop messaging her on an online dating site.

Getty Images. You’d think, what with all our technical advances, someone would have figured out an algorithm that would actually match you with your one true love. If you’ve been on any of the apps recently you will know perfecting that functionality is definitely still a work in progress. What the Internet has given us, however, is access to a plethora of podcasts on the subject of dating.

And, much like the humans out there looking for love, there are all kinds, and there’s one out there for everyone. The title of this one is a solid indicator of the overall vibe: A refreshingly honest look at dating in , from the perspective of a man and woman out there in the real world. Sarah has never been in love, Adam is divorced, and together they’re sharing their real-life stories of trying to find their Person At seven seasons deep, this may be one of the longest running dating podcasts out there, for good reason.

Ane Aure is a British dating coach who has been there— unexpectedly single after a divorce, and suddenly faced with finding Prince Charming when she thought she’d found her happily ever after. Here’s one with a unique angle: Approaching finding love using strategies and concepts plucked from the business world.

Hosted by Jen Hecht, the whole ethos of the show is about empowering women and men to dedicate the same passion and smarts that make them successful in their careers winners in the game of love as well. How’s this for a testimonial?

Episode 18| Online Dating and Trading Data for Love (It’s Complicated)

As fascinating as it may sound, working in customer service for a dating app tends to be repetitive and mundane. During each eight-hour shift, I often feel like some sort of robot-cheerleader as I attempt to answer the complaints and mollify the anxieties of digital daters around the world. My official title when hired — community experience associate — made me think I would be engaged in interesting conversations about love and relationships.

I try to respond in more personal ways to each user, but in most cases, for efficiency, I end up copy-pasting replies.

My Podcast is about dating while and COVID. I am 51 and just You know you are safe, when the online dating site is looking out for you.

Companies that advertise on podcasts hope they can align their brand with a hit show, but increasingly some marketers are plunking down even more cash to make their own audio programs instead. MTCH Some advertisers have had their doubts about the podcast world, since it can be difficult to track how many people are even listening. Popular podcasts often rely on ads from direct-response marketers that can easily track their investments through promotional codes, but some large brands have sat on the sidelines.

Stephen Smyk, chief executive of podcast ad-buying company Performance Bridge, said that more of his clients are interested in potentially launching their own podcasts these days, but that not every brand necessarily has an interesting enough product to warrant a show. McDonald said. Marketing experts say that companies in the branded podcasting space should try to avoid overloading listeners with an ad pitch, a point that both Mr. Lieber and Ms.

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