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Kind words mean the world to you — getting a compliment will boost your mood all day — so you return the favor by heaping praise on your spouse at every turn. She will feel so loved! Your better half, however, experiences love in a whole different light. She feels truly cared for when her spouse lends a helping hand — feeding the dog , taking out the garbage, paying the bills. The idea came to the author after spending 15 years listening to married couples voice different versions of the same complaint. Eventually he realized what they were really expressing was a frustrated desire.

Love Language Gift Baskets

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Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages can help you have a better relationship. gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, and quality time). This could mean an elaborate date night or a simple night in; the main thing is that.

That may be true and it may not be—as Dr. I can tell you, this is certainly true for me. In Dr. Getting to know how your partner receives love is the first step in learning how to properly express to him the love that you feel. But what I discovered as I learned about the love languages is that there is a lot more to physical touch than just sex. Chapman calls it. A physical touch guy needs to be shown love in nonsexual ways, too. This can be hard for some women, especially if you are not a touchy-feely sort of person yourself.

But as Dr. And, like everything, practice makes perfect. The truth is, when someone whose love language is physical touch feels that they are constantly the ones to initiate, they can begin to feel as if they are burdening their partner—especially if she seems unwilling to show love in this way.


The concept of love languages was developed in when Dr. Gary Champan figured out that there are five distinct ways people express love — whether it be to a platonic friend, family member or a romantic partner. Love languages describe how you feel love and appreciated and how you convey to someone else that you love them and appreciate them. According to Chapman, understanding your love language can help you in all sorts of relationships and eliminate a lot of miscommunication.

Each person can relate to all, if not most of the languages, but typically there are one or two languages that stand out the most to an individual. People with this as their top love language value verbal acknowledgments as their preferred method of affection.

Your love language determines how you communicate with your partner, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, physical touch, and quality time. to wanting your partner or the person you’re dating to read your mind.

How people show and express love is crucial in finding the right relationship. You can go on his website and take a short quiz to find out what your language is. I encourage you to take 5 minutes to take the quiz, or even read his book, and see what your emotional communication preference is. This self-awareness will help in finding a compatible partner, but also in maintaining a healthy relationship.

As I always stress to clients, self-awareness is your most important asset in dating! Your consent is not required to make a purchase.

The 5 Love Languages And Our Weaknesses With Them

But are we communicating the right way? This post may contain affiliate links. What are affiliate links?

Of the five love languages — words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service and gift-giving — physical touch is definitely one.

If so, check out these ideas for some awesome new ways to make him feel loved. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no cost to you. Click here for my full disclosure policy. Not sure what your love language is? Take the quiz here. That tangible, physical feeling of closeness makes you feel safe and secure. You might also like: 10 quick ways to connect with your spouse. Wondering what to talk about on your next date night that’s not work, kids or finances?

Grab your free printable question cards now for good conversation guaranteed. I know this for a fact: my first husband was not brought up in a home where physical demonstrations of love were common place. I was young and immature and still dealing with my own baggage and as a result, I really believed that he did not care for me the way I cared for him. In fact, I was surprised at how upset he was when I told him I was ending our marriage. Luckily for you, of all the five love languages, physical touch is probably the easiest to do and certainly a lot cheaper than if your spouse is into gifts!

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What does dating look like in a world of swiping right and breakup texts? Before Anyone Else tries to answer this question by exploring love, sex.

Welcome to the first day of the Love Blog Challenge! This post contains affiliate links. In fact, during the first year, each individual language was its own prompt! Words of Affirmation has always been my primary love language. My secondary love language changes back and forth between Quality Time and Physical Touch. When I took the quiz two years ago, Physical Touch was my secondary love language, with Quality Time scoring as a high third.

When you hear Physical Touch as a love language , what comes to mind? When Physical Touch is your primary love language, that applies to your platonic and familial relationships too. She could never get enough hugs from my dad, my brothers, or me. She loved when any of us played with her hair okay, that sounds a lot like me.

My mom would reach out to touch my hand if she was expressing something serious.

Love language physical touch christian dating

Ebonny writes to share her thoughts, observations and opinions in the hope they may be of interest, or give pause for thought, to others. Physical Touch is one of the five love languages. Perhaps it is not surprising that many may automatically assume this love language LL is only about what happens behind closed doors in the bedroom, but this is not the case.

If so, physical touch is an important love language to your loved one. Avoid: Postponing dates, or distractions like playing with your phone, not paying attention.

Sex is an important aspect of a romantic relationship, but physical touch as a love language is not all about the sex. A hug, a shoulder squeeze, a handhold, even a pat on the back can be an expression of love that is just as meaningful to your partner. We explore easy ways to give and receive physical touch, no matter where you are physically or mentally with your partner. There are many ways to show love to your partner. You can show up to support them at an important fundraiser.

You can buy them a gift just because you thought of them. You can squeeze their hand when they are having a stressful day. Physical touch is just one of the five love languages, according to Dr. If your love language is physical touch, then that means you prefer physical expressions of love over all over expressions such as verbal compliments or gifts.

50 Love Language Date Ideas for Couples to Stay Connected and Happy

The problem is that while most of these translate fairly smoothly and easily to other contexts friends, family, colleagues, etc. The language that gets lost in translation in everyday life? Many adults especially those in U. And without sufficient touch, people with this language feel deflated, demotivated, disembodied, frozen.

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We’re all capable of showing love, and little else in life promises us such high happiness. Especially during this isolated time. This blogpost will help you get back in love. As a Canadian wedding videographer , it is such a privilege to witness so many different love stories: of many cultures, of diverse hardships, and of the widest array of complementary belonging. And it’s important to understand the ways in which we spread our love. And to do this, let’s draw on the works of Dr.

Gary Chapman, world renowned couple specialist and anthropologist. He argues for the understanding and practicing of the 5 love languages. Much like we personify one of the 9 archetypal lovers , we all possess the ability to show and receive love through these 5 ways of communication. We may show a preference for multiple, but depending on our stage of life and past experiences, we all tend towards one language of love. The more we’re able to ‘speak’ another’s language, the greater our perceived ability to love becomes, and the greater connection there is.

For example, if our date’s love language is Receiving Gifts, we’d jump up a 10 if we gave them a book we knew they would enjoy — as opposed to showering them in hugs and kisses through the language of Physical Touch , in which case we would rank less than a

Physical Touch

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