In ‘Streetwise’ and ‘Tiny’ docs, ‘Tigers’ horror, Brattle highlights times kids were not alright

All rights reserved. In , Mary Ellen Mark began shooting a group of troubled youth on the streets of Seattle. Initially, Mark’s work culminated into a publication called “Streetwise” and the documentary film of the same name by Mark’s husband, filmmaker Martin Bell. Mark become focused on a girl nicknamed, Tiny, then 13 years old and an addict, prostitute living on the streets. Pictured, Tiny in Seattle, For over 30 years, Mark and her husband documented the life of Tiny from a year-old to a middle-aged mother of

Homeless in Seattle 32 years later

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The production’s Seattle filming highlights Intuit’s projects and shows small Cancer Research Center, Children’s Film Festival Seattle, Avon, Toyota, and more.

What Tiny , a scrawny year-old girl with a punk haircut, wants most is to be really rich with her own horse and three yachts. Unlike her peers who scrape to get by on Seattle’s scummy downtown streets, she has dreams, even though they’re ludicrous. Tiny is a hooker. Her mother is a drunk who dismisses her only child’s prostitution as “a phase. In spite of her lifeless eyes, she is just a child forced to grow up too fast. Streetwise, playing an exclusive run at the Florida Theater in Hollywood and Deerfield Ultravision in Deerfield Beach, is a flawless film that chronicles subsistence for Tiny and her friends.

They are rejects and runaways who steal, beg and sell their bodies for pizzas and drugs. Home is a street corner or an abandoned building.


Marina Chao: Can we start with some background about the Streetwise project? Your film came out of a Life magazine feature on children living on the streets in Seattle that Mary Ellen photographed. What about that story compelled you to return to the children and make a film about them? Were you convinced from the outset? How did it all come together?

Martin Bell: Mary Ellen and I had been looking for a project to work on together.

This video “Streetwise” portays the life of several street kids in Seattle: “Tiny”, the The film was made by Martin Bell,Mary Ellen Mark,and Cheryl Mccall.

This weekend brings three tales of troubled street kids to the Brattle Theatre screen. In one scene, a young girl in for treatment for an STD is asked about her periods and matter-of-factly responds she got her first one a month ago; she goes on to tell the physician about her johns and what she would do if she got pregnant abortion.

Her future seems dim, as does that for many of the kids living in an abandoned factory. Bell was inspired to make the film by his wife, photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who was shooting on the same subject for Life magazine at the time. For one, Tiny, that confident girl in the clinic, Bell did a year follow-up. Tiny indulged in plenty of drugs over the years and bore plenty of progeny, and the rewind of struggle and heartbreak become testimony to the dark underbelly of the American Dream.

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Capturing Tiny, From Prostitution to Motherhood

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Skip to main content. Streetwise [VHS]. Verified Purchase. It shows the life of homeless youth, some very young kids on the street of Seatle Washington. They never did a follow-up film showing their lives present day.

The project examines the life of young people in Seattle mature, you look at the film now and it’s a horrific situation that these kids are in.

M artin Bell’s groundbreaking, Academy Award-nominated documentary Streetwise introduced us to a fiercely independent group of homeless and troubled youth who made their way on the streets of Seattle as pimps, prostitutes, panhandlers, and small-time drug dealers. Of the unforgettable children featured in Streetwise, none was more charismatic than its beguiling, self-possessed thirteen-year-old protagonist “Tiny.

It was documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark who set Streetwise in motion. Bell and Mark had met on a back lot of London’s Pinewood film studios in Bell was the cinematographer on a documentary focusing on Ragtime’s star, James Cagney. Bell recalls the moment he first met Mark, who very quickly became his partner in life and love, up until her death in And, she smiled.


Listen Listening Tiny would go on to become the unofficial star of “Streetwise”, the heartbreaking, intimate and, at times, exuberant documentary. Erin Blackwell, also known as Tiny, 31 years after “Streetwise.

The scene is on the streets of Seattle, where photographer Mary Ellen Times got a little rough for me after ‘Streetwise,’ but she was there for me. She didn’t forget about the kids once the documentary had its run, and.

The film, made by famed portrait photographer Mary Ellen Mark and her husband, Martin Bell, chronicled the lives of a group of kids living on the edge of Pike Place Market. Seattle continues to struggle with homelessness, addiction and kids who are just as lost as Blackwell used to be. Decades later, she is off drugs and the mother of 10 children. The older five are by five different men and the younger five by her estranged husband. In , Mark was on assignment for Life magazine when she spotted Blackwell in the parking lot of a Seattle club called The Monastery.

When Mark told Blackwell she was photographing street kids, Blackwell wanted in. She allowed Mark full access and posed for portraits, the most famous one capturing Blackwell dressed as a French prostitute for Halloween. It was the start of a year relationship. Mark and Bell were a consistent, functional force in a life that both yearned for and rejected structure. They paid attention to the girl.

‘tiny,’ the haunting sequel to an iconic documentary about seattle street kids

Tiny turned out O. That movie chronicled the lives of teenagers on the streets of Seattle. Erin is introduced going through old photographs with Mark who died in , before this film was completed.

Mary Ellen Mark & Martin Bell is raising funds for STREETWISE: Tiny Revisited on Kickstarter! A film revisiting Erin “Tiny” Blackwell, 30 years after the making of​.

The first night of shooting, Bell was able to earn the trust of the kids by doing something unexpected. They were filming in the Dismas Center, a facility that provides food, counseling, and recreation for kids. Suddenly Chrissie, a sixteen-year-old street kid, became very angry with Bell for filming her.

To everyone’s amazement, Bell opened his camera magazine and gave her the exposed roll of film. Chrissie stormed out, holding the roll of film, which was later found crumpled on the sidewalk. After that incident, whenever Chrissie saw Mark and Bell on the street, she wanted to be filmed and to be their friend. By giving Chrissie the exposed film, Bell showed her and the other kids that he was not trying to steal something from them.

If the kids wanted to be part of the film that was fine, but if they didn’t want to, that was OK. Bell understood that it was hard for these kids to trust anyone, but he hoped they would learn to trust him enough to make the film. From Labor Day to Halloween, , Bell shot 50 hours of film. Many more hours of audio were recorded by Keith Desmond.

The editor, Nancy Baker, reduced the dailies to 10 hours in a matter of weeks. Six months later, Baker had constructed the film Streetwise.

Tiny’s Story

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