A Brief History of Antique China Dolls Part 1

March 03, – Antiques, Art and Collectibles. Some dolls from specific time periods have even made it into museums. Maybe you received porcelain dolls as gifts when you were a child. Or perhaps you begged your parents to buy you a beautiful porcelain doll when you went to the toy store. Either way, you probably no longer have a use for these dolls. Keeping them cooped up in your dusty attic is no way to make cash. You should consider selling your dolls instead.

What kind of China doll do you have?

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To date china-headed dolls, collectors rely on hair style and whether the writes about antiques at The Knoxville News Sentinel in Tennessee.

Doll collecting is one of the most active of collecting areas. China dolls are my own particular focus and I would like to share some of knowledge with you. If I can ever part with some, you may see them turn up in my shop from time to time. China dolls refers to glazed porcelain shoulder head dolls, not the unglazed bisque or parian dolls. China dolls came on the scene in the early s, and not all of them were made in Germany. The earliest and rarest of the antique porcelain china dolls date from the s and were made by pioneer porcelain makers such as German companies KPM Berlin Konigliche Porzellan Manufaktur c.

These china dolls are of the highest quality. Fortunately, these dolls are distinctive enough, and of such difficult to emulate high quality that fakes are uncommon. Misidentification is more common, because everyone wants their doll to be one of these rarities. This confusion is exacerbated by early doll reference books that misidentified dolls as being made by one of these early companies. The single key point in identifying products from one of these three companies is they always marked their products.

This point bears repeating. If a doll is unmarked then it was not made by one of these companies. Examples follow.

China Doll Repair

Antique doll’s dress. Learn how to reset sleep eyes on an Antique Doll with this easy to follow tutorial. Faraway Antique Shop. Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate, blue glass sleep eyes, dark eyeliner, painted lashes, brush-stroked brows with decorative glaze, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with defined space between the outlined pale lips, blonde mohair ringlet-curled hair, commercial muslin stitch-jointed body with leather arms, stitched-on blue sateen stockings, and blue leather boots.

Condition: generally excellent.

A. Your annalee doll collectors and adults alike. Omments: large size doll. It contains more to deliver the mark on the rest of china dolls. Dolls were made for.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Originally made as playthings for children, many antique dolls are now collectors items. Dolls have been made for centuries, but most antique dolls on the market date back to the mids at the latest. Antique dolls usually have heads made of bisque, china or wax.

Some dolls are also made entirely of cloth. Among doll collectors, bisque refers to unglazed porcelain while china is glazed porcelain. Parian dolls are similar to bisque dolls. Bisque, china and wax dolls are not usually made entirely of these materials, normally only the face was constructed this way. Sometimes the arms and legs of bisque or china dolls are made of porcelain. Many antique dolls feature glass eyes and wigs made of human hair or mohair.

However, these features were also painted on to some dolls.

Hair styles help date china dolls

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Some antique porcelain dolls can be worth a lot of money. While china dolls can have a huge variation of appearance, bisque dolls typically have huge eyes Most dolls will have a manufacturer stamp and a date on them.

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E’s Doll Museum Blog. Children of Japan Courtesy, R. John Wright. Tuxedo and Bangles. The First Book of its Kind. Alice, Commemorative Edition Courtesy, R. Cloth Clown.

Have a Doll You Would Like to Identify?

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Porcelain In China History Victorian Dolls, Vintage Dolls, Antique Dolls, Chinese, Half Fabulous article on dating antique china dolls #PorcelainIndianDolls.

Antique China head dolls have delighted children and adults alike for years, and the passion for these antiques continues unabated. Whether you purchase high-end, museum-quality examples, or you delight in a doll which survived some dings and chips, collecting china head dolls means entering in a world of history, fashion and fairytales. China head dolls are those dolls with head, neck, and shoulders also called shoulder plates made from china. Sometimes, the lower legs, feet, hands, and arms were also made of china.

The china sections had small holes punched in them, and were sewn to doll bodies made of fabric and stuffed with horsehair, straw, sand or other materials. Dolls came in all sizes, from a few inches to nearly 36″ or more ; the size depended upon the china factory’s ability to mold larger body sections. China dolls first began to appear in the 18th century notes the Childhood Playthings exhibit from the Shriver-Weybright Exhibition Gallery, although they were far less available than the wood, gesso, wax and papier mache dolls of the era.

Many “dolls” were, in fact, figures made for creches, the Christmas manger scenes set up in churches and homes.

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Looking for antique doll identities? There are 4 possible areas on the body. Over the years this doll site has been online, the majority of questions relate to antique doll identities, value, and disposition.

Antique China dolls were made by various, mostly German companies from to head doll making, dolls changed too, which gives us a clue to their dating.

China and Parian Dolls. China dolls are made of a special clay which is glazed and fired which results in a glossy, smooth surface. Parian dolls are made of another type of clay which is so called because of the resemblance to fine Parian marble porcelain. The most common china head dolls are white. Creamy white are finer and the rarest ones are made from a pink china, which is really a delicate flesh colour known as pink lustre.

The white and cream colour dolls often have homemade bodies as well as professionally made bodies of cloth or kid. Some have china arms and legs but some of the very fine ones have kid arms and legs, with the fingers and toes indicated by stitching. The larger ones may have kid hands with fingers which are separate and distinct. The shoes are an excellent way to help identify the age. Flat soled shoes are more likely to date before whereas shoes which have a definite heel would be after Dolls heads which were made prior to were not marked and records are often lost.

After it is possible to identify some heads even if they are unmarked by comparing them with later identical doll heads which do have marks. Hair styles are also an indication of age but it should be noted that old molds were often used.

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